Energy company orders a lightweight, compact, hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package

24th Nov 2018

This pump package is designed for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment on the deck of an offshore service vessel and offshore platforms. With no suitable electric supply in the area this diesel-driven hydraulic system was chosen which enables maximum flexibility of flow via a hydraulic swashplate. The package consists of a hydraulic power pack and a high pressure pump, both mounted in compact, DNV-certified offshore containers. Each container has good access, can be lifted by fork truck or crane, is noise attenuated, and has a maximum weight of 4,500 kg.

Saline environment:

  • Ambient temp. range -20 to +35°C
  • Pressure 200 – 345 barg
  • Flow 10 – 150 l/min

Hydraulic power pack
The JCB444 mechanical engine features an electronic front end interface and unit-mounted HMI, enabling remote control of the unit via the client’s laptop. This has the advantage of electronic control without the weight impact of the electronic engine and features an ‘open loop’ hydraulic power pack module which could subsequently be used for other applications.

The oil tank is included in the power pack module. The fuel tank is sized to provide approximately 8 hours’ continuous running.

High pressure pump
The pump is a plunger pump c/w Duplex head suitable for seawater. It is a vertically configured pump which offers a significant space saving.

There is an on-board batch dosing tank to inject smaller doses of chemical. The hydraulic unit can be adjusted to meet the flow requirements using the swashplate control on the unit HMI.

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