Electric Water Jetting Pumps

Our customers are switching to more environmentally friendly methods for cleaning and surface preparation. And combining an electric motor-powered pump unit with the benefits of water jetting just makes sense.

MultiJet electric water jetting pump units are ideal for operation inside industrial facilities. No emissions, quieter than their diesel counterparts, and generally more compact. For use in multiple indoor locations, we offer a plug and play, trolley-mounted machine.

Electric MultiJet Major Components

Electric Motor

We limit electric motor selection to just a few manufacturers. This allows us to ensure quality and reliability whilst still being able to procure competitively.

We supply high efficiency motors – greater than 90%. Starting options include: DOL for maximum economy; Soft start to reduce supply requirements; and VSD to reduce supply requirements and also offer variable flow rates for different applications.

High Pressure Pump

To minimise the unit footprint, our high pressure electric pump skids feature a vertically mounted pump. The vertical design also neutralises crosshead and plunger loading. We select Hammelmann pumps for high pressure waterjetting. We believe they are the most reliable pumps on the market which is why we are pleased to have been their sole UK agent for over twenty years. These pumps benefit from long service intervals and low lifetime cost of ownership.

Controls and Monitoring

Control and monitoring options include variable speed drive (VSD) control, local or remote control, data acquisition and logging, and system performance and health monitoring.

A Selection of Recently Supplied Pump Units

Cleaning dies used in animal feed processing.
Paint shop cleaning system.
Cleaning in food & beverage production.
Cleaning formwork and scaffolding.
Tank and vessel cleaning.

Talk with Us

Whatever your application, we are here to help. Please call us on +44 1905 751790 or email sales@calder.co.uk to discuss your application.

We have specialised in designing and manufacturing bespoke pump systems for four decades. Our hugely experienced and knowledgeable engineering teams are here to help.

Problems our design teams regularly design for:

  • Limited access
  • We have designed many modular pump skids allowing the unit to be moved into position in sections and re-assembled insitu. Check out this short case study.

  • Limited space
  • Whether onshore factory or offshore platform, space is usually limited. Our design teams are adept at minimising unit footprint.

  • Hazardous areas
  • This is an area we have specialised in for over two decades. Indeed, our Hazardous areas expertise has been instrumental in the success of our company.

  • Noise issues
  • We offer two options to minimise noise. Pump skids can be mounted inside a container. This offers significant noise attenuation which can be further improved by installing noise reduction panels to the container’s inner walls. Alternatively, a common solution is fitting an environmental enclosure, again with the oiption of lining the inner walls.

  • Existing equipment and Control Systems
  • With our bespoke design capability – both mechanical and electrical – we ensure our equipment integrates with your existing systems.

Our Lifecycle Services team are here to support you for the lifetime of the equipment.

This consideration is an ever-more inmportant part of the purchasing process. For our high pressure pump systems we use the Hammelmann pump range. Hammelmann pumps are desdigned and built to very high standards and incorporate decades of experience. The unique, patented HP plunger pump seal system gives significant service life and uptime advantages over traditional packing seal technology used by other manufacturers. Reliability and long service intervals make our units’ cost of ownership very favourable.

An important part of our offering is the high standards of documentation that accompanies our pump systems. See why our documentation is held in such high regard.