Dry dock time reduced using high pressure water

14th Sep 2021

An industrial services company has ordered three of our mobile MultiJet high pressure pump units which will be used for marine paint removal at a UK shipyard. The units will be used alongside a Dockmate surface preparation machine we recently supplied.

Why high pressure water?
Using water eliminates the harmful and often damaging side effects produced by dry abrasive blasting such as airborne dust, chemical/thermal pollution and surface ingrained residual blasting materials. The energy of the high velocity water jets blasts into the pores in the metal surface flushing out solid foreign matter and non-water-soluble pollutants such as oil and grease and returns the substrate to its original profile ready for re-coating.

With high pressure water there is no requirement for sand or grit. Coating removal is carried out remotely without the need for scaffolding or other access equipment.

Why Calder MultiJet?
Our MultiJet units have been used for surface preparation applications for many years. Recent upgrades to our tried and tested design includes EU Stage V Emissions-compliant engines giving the very latest in low emissions technology.

Among the many benefits of the Calder MultiJet are the electronic throttle control which increases engine speed only when pressure is demanded thus saving fuel and water. Our water filter assembly protects the pump from contaminated water. The ‘fast clamp’ system makes filter changes easy, and the unit features a continuous water filter monitoring facility with on-screen alarm and shutdown.

Why Hammelmann Dockmate?
The Dockmate is a semi-automatic machine capable of removing up to 150 square metres of coating per hour. Featuring a telescopic jib and rotating blast head, these machines are a truly versatile tool. The blasting head seals directly onto the hull surface and is connected to a vacuum unit via hose/pipework combination. The waste water can then be filtered and re-used.

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