Design Solution in a Tank

14th Apr 2014

Calder was tasked with solving a customer’s water buffer tank dilemma. Our customer has twelve Calder MultiJet units which were designed to meet the customer’s strict weight limit specifications and to operate where there is a suitable regulated supply of water.

Our customer wanted the ability to operate in areas where a water tank would be required as a buffer reservoir between the primary water source and the unit, but did not want to incorporate the tank into the units. The solution is small-footprint, 2.7m³ capacity, water buffer tanks capable of being lifted by crane or fork truck. Combining a steel base frame to give high wind stability with an aluminium tank to reduce weight, the design underwent thorough FEM analysis to ensure structural integrity and longevity.

The tanks feature a 16 bar 3” float valve system, inlet pressure gauge, water level sight tube, flow control valve, tie-down points for transportation, drag points for on-site positioning, and a lockable cabinet for interface connections. The tanks are finished in a durable powdercoat system to our customer’s colour requirements.