Customer invests in training for their fleet of aquaculture pumps

3rd Jul 2023

Maintenance training for aquaculture pump units

We were delighted to host three key customer support team members from AKVA Group for two days. The service team from AKVA Group visited our Worcester factory to receive familiarisation and maintenance training on their high pressure aquaculture pump units. These specialized pump units are designed specifically for AKVA’s sea-based net cleaning applications, supporting their role as a global supplier of solutions and services in the aquaculture industry.

Pump Unit Familiarisation

A fundamental part of training is familiarisation with the equipment. As with all of our bespoke pumping equipment, our Life Cycle Services team offers training tailored to both the equipment and the specific needs of our customers.

The aquaculture pump familiarisation training included:
Daily and weekly checks – These simple checks include the usual engine oil and water levels, inspection of the pump’s water inlet filter, and checking for fault codes on the HMI control system.
Operation – From initial start-up, monitoring the pump parameters whilst running on the bespoke HMI, optimising pump suction conditions, maximising safe and efficient operation, and through to safe shutdown. This is followed with good practice storage techniques such as fresh water flushing.
Routine maintenance – This involved discussion about the requirement for minor and major services on the pump and engine.
Fault diagnosis and rectification – Basic troubleshooting.

Pump Training

Our service engineers enjoy passing on their extensive knowledge and experience of the Hammelmann pump. This pump maintenance training is crucial for anyone looking to maintain the equipment themselves to promote safe and trouble-free operation.

The pump training was comprised of:
Detailed inspection and discussion on internal components – Sam showed the engineers what to look for in terms of normal and excessive wear, and when to replace certain components based on this.
Pump rebuild – The engineers carried out a full pump rebuild. An important part of this section was advice surrounding the use of tools and techniques to rebuild the pump correctly without causing damage in the process. The pump internals were dis-assembled in the correct order. Then re-assembly piece by piece, ensuring that the engineers understood the detailed anatomy of the pump.

General Maintenance Discussion

It is important to us that AKVA can provide high quality service assistance for their pumps in the remote locations typical of their industry. Sam did, therefore, discuss in much detail the tools, techniques, oils, and lubricants used in high pressure pump maintenance. This section of the training benefits hugely from the vast and varied experience of our service engineers.

FAT Testing

The AKVA service engineers participated in the set-up and testing of the pump unit in test bay 1. A full Factory Acceptance Test was conducted on the rebuilt pump unit. Throughout the testing phase, the engineers monitored and documented performance parameters for both the engine and the pump.

A Phone Call Away

As ever, we are just a phone call away. Our Life Cycle Services team are here to support our customers, whether that is some technical advice, training, commissioning, spares, or service.

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