New customer benefits from the Calder complete life-cycle philosophy

27th Oct 2021

Rail Industry Hydrodemolition Projects – Support

To support their hydrodemolition projects, predominantly within the rail industry, our customer has invested in high pressure waterjetting technology. We are pleased to have recently supplied a Calder MultiJet mobile waterjetting unit, plus accessories and PPE. Additionally, we delivered Water Jetting Association (WJA)-approved training to the operatives at our premises in Worcester.

The new mobile waterjetting unit features a Stage V emissions-compliant engine suitable for use in London. The pump has long service intervals which means far less downtime than competitor machines. We have designed and manufactured the MultiJet for over twenty years and we seek regular feedback from operators. This has enabled our unit design to evolve to meet the needs of the user.

Accessories, PPE, and Training


Our customer has equipped their MultiJet well with the very best accessories. In addition to hose assemblies, jetting lances, and nozzles, they have a MasterJet as part of their kit. The MasterJet is a versatile and efficient surface preparation nozzle. Operators use it for applications such as roughening concrete surfaces, coating and paint removal, and industrial cleaning.


The operators will be protected by safety clothing supplied by Calder and specifically designed for ultra high pressure waterjetting. In addition to trousers and jacket with integrated hand protection and gaiters, they will also use a hose shroud. Easily fitted, the hose shroud improves operator protection in the event of a hose failure close to the lance. Without doubt, more and more operators are recognizing the important part hose shrouds play in keeping their operators safe.

It is not just rail industry hydrodemolition projects that benefit from our life-cycle services philosophy. Onshore or offshore, low pressure or high pressure, high flow or low flow – we are here to support you.


To fully prepare the waterjetting operatives for the safe and efficient use of their new Calder equipment, they have completed WJA-approved training at our premises. This comprises a two-day course:
• Day 1: Safety Awareness (theory course) covers the key aspects of water jetting operations and safety, including the various types of waterjetting operations, the pressures and flowrates involved in waterjetting, the use of risk assessments and PPE (personal protective equipment).
• Day 2: Hydrodemolition (practical module) covers equipment set-up, hazards and use of PPE, site preparation, team talks, signalling and use of equipment.

On successful completion, all operatives are awarded WJA Certificates and a WJA jetting card, and their details are entered into the WJA international database.

And we will be here to offer full spares and service support for the complete life-cycle of the equipment.

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