Covid 19 – We are still open and operating.

23rd Mar 2020

Many of our team are working from home and those unable to are continuing to follow our very strict, and rigidly enforced, social distancing rules that we put in place during the early days of the Covid 19 issue.

Steve, Jim, Billy, Peter and Jock are all available by phone and email.

Our service team are still working for emergency visits. Additionally, we have many skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people at Calder, so please do not hesitate to give us a call with any technical questions you may have.

In addition to our large stockholding of spare parts, we are continuing to receive shipments from our important suppliers around the world.

Our project engineers and project managers are mainly working from home, whilst maintaining a skeleton presence at our factory.

For orders in house, we continue to build and test in line with our production plan.

To allow customers to view equipment testing without the need to travel, we are implementing an audio-visual system. We believe that this remote test viewing facility will be a good method of complying with the customer’s project F.A.T. requirements whilst removing the need for the customer to be present.

From the early days of this awful situation we have followed government guidelines. We appointed a team which meets every day to review the current situation, discuss the impact on our colleagues, implement any relevant new guidelines, and tweak our existing hygiene and social distancing rules based on our experience. We continue to enforce these rules. As the situation develops we will make appropriate changes to our operations and will update this page accordingly.

To all of our suppliers and customers we send our regards and hope you stay safe and well in these extraordinary times.

Take care

Peter Elton
Managing Director