the vision

Our customer felt they could greatly improve the offering they can provide to customers while designing one unit capable of performing different tasks which could be quickly deployed saving many hours of installation and set-up. Whilst there were a number of offshore pump units that could be used for subsea pressure testing, our customer could not find a unit designed specifically for the application. To have a high pressure offshore pump unit to suit their particular subsea pressure testing projects along with the ability to provide high flow ‘flooding’ capabilities, they needed a bespoke design.

The customer had a concept in mind for layout and operation and, working with our skilled sales and technical people, a bespoke solution was developed unlike anything currently on the market.

the solution

The equipment is housed in an ISO 10855-1 certified, 16-ft offshore container with large double doors and two single man-access doors. The container is divided by a bulkhead with the larger compartment for the pump assembly and powered hose reel, and the smaller compartment houses the operators’ controls. A viewing window in the bulkhead allows the operator to see all of the equipment from his operator station.

At the heart of the unit is a Hammelmann HDP20V reciprocating plunger pump which is driven by a fixed speed electric motor. The unique HDP20V range of variable stroke pumps allows a variable flow rate of between 0% and 100% without the requirement for a variable speed drive. The stroke adjustment can be made automatically or manually, and while the pump is on or off load.

The fast-fill function is provided by a multistage centrifugal pump. This enables the test hose to be filled quickly ready to be pressurised. Three pneumatically driven motors are included to provide a back-up fast-fill function in the event of an electrical supply interruption.

Designed specifically for the application is a powered hose reel capable of storing and feeding 200 metres of high pressure hose. We designed, built, and tested both the hydraulically driven hose reel and the feed unit.

Standard features of the pressure test unit taken from our MultiJet range includes:
• Container noise-attenuation.
• Lockable doors.
• External connection points allowing easy set up.
• Internal lighting for both the equipment and the control room.
• Direct drive between motor and pump to remove side loads.
• Raised, removable flooring to allow services to pass underneath giving a trip-free maintenance space.
• 5-leg sling set for crane lifts.


the result

The customer has a pump unit that meets all their application-specific requirements. The unit is based on the design of our high pressure, hazardous area MultiJet pump unit and benefits from the quality and reliability that has been developed into the MultiJet range over the last two decades.

This application-specific pressure test unit reduces mobilisation and operational time and costs.

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