Authorised Dealer for Reprotex

9th Jan 2024

Authorised Dealer for Reprotex

We are delighted to announce that we are now the Authorised Dealer for Reprotex in the United Kingdom.

Reprotex developed and manufacture a mobile, automatic, water recycling system. This system perfectly complements our high pressure pump units across a variety of applications.

Our relationship with Reprotex has developed over a number of years. A notable collaboration was the supply of two containerised water filtration systems to accompany hydrojetting pump units for the Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Project on the Zambezi River. This huge project to refurbish the spillway involved large hydrodemolition activities. The waste water was treated and safely released back into Lake Kariba.

Pressures on water networks, and water usage and disposal costs, require innovative solutions. Through the latest in high flow waste water treatment technology, the water from high pressure water jetting is used, treated and re-used continuously or released safely back to source adhering to environmental legislation. The applications for this technology include hydrodemolition, canal refurbishment, tunnel cleaning, dry dock surface preparation, and many more.

Product Produced by Reprotex

We don’t re-invent the wheel! We specialise in pumping systems for high pressure applications. Where there is equipment that complements our product range, we seek partners with the same core values as Calder – safety, quality, reliability, and lifetime support. The synergy between the Calder and Reprotex products and our shared ethos make them an ideal partner.

We would like to thank the team at Reprotex for placing their trust in Calder and allowing us to add such great technology to our portfolio.

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