Ammlee Group blasts almost 70m³ of concrete from Belfast Harbour with Calder MultiJet

3rd Nov 2019

Hydroblasting, hydrodemolition and concrete repair specialist Ammlee Group has pressed its new Calder MultiJet unit into action on a demanding job at Belfast Harbour.

The company — which has offices in Belfast and London, and undertakes water jetting projects worldwide — took delivery of its trailer-mounted diesel-driven Calder MultiJet 170 2600 unit in June. The unit was immediately deployed on a hydroblasting job to remove 67.37 m³ of concrete from a wharf at the harbour.

With the Calder equipment pumping up to 37 litres of water per minute at 2,600 bar pressure, the Ammlee team was able to remove an average of 0.9 m³ of concrete per tidal shift.

Ammlee managing director Neal Mc Arthur said: “Using a combination of our experience and processes, and the hugely impressive capabilities of the Calder MultiJet 170, we achieved a seven-fold increase in the speed of concrete removal in comparison to a previous contractor on the same job.

“We’re reducing our time on site and providing a far more efficient service to the client.”

Neal is no stranger to water jetting equipment. He has undertaken just about every type of hydroblasting, hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning work imaginable during more than 20 years in the water jetting industry. His previous experience includes overseeing tube cleaning projects two miles underground at the world’s deepest mine, Mponeng Gold Mine in South Africa.

Coincidentally, it was at the neighbouring Western Deep Levels mine that Calder founder, Ian Calder-Potts, decided to start the business 40 years ago.

The reliability, ease of maintenance and quality components that have been the hallmark of the MultiJet range for decades convinced Neal that the MultiJet 170 2600 unit would not only benefit the business immediately, but also reduce the lifetime cost of ownership in comparison to equivalent equipment.

Neal added: “We’re delighted with the results and are already seeing the benefits of our investment in the Calder MultiJet in the efficiency of our work.

“We bought the unit without any grants or assistance, so we understand that it’s a big leap of faith when making that buying decision. For any companies who find themselves in a similar position, we would be happy to make our MultiJet available to hire. We’re sure you’ll be placing an order of your own once you’ve used it and seen it in action.”

With the Belfast Harbour job complete, Ammlee will now be using the MultiJet 170 2600 unit on forthcoming jobs cleaning industrial tanks, structures, boilers and heat exchangers, as well as providing internal and external cleaning of pipes and tubes, containers and marine vessels. The equipment will also be used for cold cutting, white line removal and hydrodemolition projects.

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