The very best in high pressure water jetting equipment

MultiJet mobile jetting unit

From major construction and civil engineering projects, decommissioning and decontamination of nuclear installations, surface preparation of ships’ hulls, to the removal of product contamination in chemical plants, vessels and reactors, we design and build the machines, supply spares and accessories, and offer lifetime service support for your equipment.

Calder MultiJet Units

MultiJet Units (7041)

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The list of uses for high pressure water continues to grow, which is why design and innovation is so important to us. With a range of standard pumps and equipment, along with the ability to produce bespoke systems to suit specific applications, we supply all of your industrial waterjetting equipment requirements.

Our diesel-powered units feature the latest technology with the introduction of the Stage V ultra-low emissions power unit suitable for all low sulphur fuel markets. Where geographic markets allow, we have more suitable engine choices within our range.

MultiJet control panel

MultiJet control panel.

Why high pressure water jetting?

It is a dust-free technique allowing simultaneous, adjacent activities such as lagging and painting to continue, minimises the waste stream, reduces clean-up time, is not weather dependent, and when used in surface preparation operations is proficient at exposing the original profile without further erosion and guarantees the highest level of cleanliness of all surface preparation methods. Ancillary vacuum equipment can be used to contain all washings and contaminants.

Electric Units

Portable1,000 bar water jetting

Portable, lightweight 1,000 bar water jetting pump

Crash frame for greater protection

Crash frame for greater protection

MEG injection detail

Basic motor and pump skid package

Elelectric, variable speed drive with on-board HMI interface

Electric, variable speed drive with onboard HMI interface

Compact electric pump package with on-board control panel.

MultiJet electric pump skid with onboard control panel

Pumping in industrial hazardous areas.

Pumping in industrial hazardous areas

Diesel Units

Water jetting equipment

Road-going MultiJet water blast machine with the latest low-emmissions engine

Pumping in industrial hazardous areas.

Site trailer-mounted UHP waterjetting machine

Pumping in industrial hazardous areas.

MultiJet diesel pump unit with integral hose reel

Benefits of Calder Water Jetting Equipment


Reliability and ease of maintenance have been designed into the MultiJet range over thirty years. Design, coupled with improved component selection and monitoring has been fundamental in the reliability of our equipment.

At the heart of our units is the Hammelmann reciprocating plunger pump. This pump range is respected throughout many industries for its quality and reliability.


Our pump units are inherently safe through sound design, quality component selection, and good assembly techniques and procedures based on industry best practice.

We conduct City & Guilds-accredited water jet safety training in accordance with the Water Jetting Association guidelines, and we also offer training in the operation and maintenance of all our products.

Cost Effective

Suitable for nearly all applications, the unique sealing system gives unrivalled service life and uptime advantages over traditional packing seal technology. Wear is gradual, over many thousands of hours, so scheduled repairs and maintenance are all that is necessary rather than frequent ad hoc packing seal changes required by other pumps. This results in a much-reduced lifetime cost of ownership.


Options to suit your requirements:

  • mobile
  • static
  • enclosed
  • semi enclosed
  • noise reduction
  • electric driven
  • diesel driven
  • on-board control
  • remote control
  • variable speed control
  • high pressure
  • ultra high pressure
  • high flow variants
  • constant pressure control
  • lightweight options


We offer various control options to suit your requirements – from basic push-button controls to comprehensive HMI touchscreen control, monitoring and datalogging functions.

Performance Options

In addition to a large range of pump models, performance conversion kits are available, allowing the operating pressure to be changed in a short time to maximize equipment utilization.

Water Jetting Applications:

  • cleaning – of food conveyors, fish nets, castings, tanks, reactors, vessels, pipes, tubes, tube bundles, filter press backflushing, sewers
  • removal – of concrete, paint, coatings, rubber, elastomeric, urethane, road markings
  • preparation – of metal surfaces prior to painting, road surfaces
  • and - deburring, descaling, hydrostatic testing, cutting, steel atomization, cooling water

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email or phone +44 (0) 1905 759090

We are members of the Water Jetting Association.

Industrial pump units

Industrial Pump Units (7110)

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Calder MultiJet Units

MultiJet Units (7041)

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MultiJet Units

MultiJet 120iV (7088)

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7118 Multijet 140 and 200 Iveco Jetters - Middle East

Multijet 140 and 200 Iveco Jetters - Middle East (7118)

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Calder Pressure Systems

SSC20 Tube Bundle Shell-Side Cleaner (7095)

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Aquaculture Net Cleaning

Aquaculture Net Cleaning (7507)

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HDP 30 Basic

HDP 30 Basic (7509)

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Floor cleaning machines

Jetboy & Jetmate (7130)

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Pumps and Accessories

Pumps and Accessories (7115)

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TST Water Jet Safety Gear Brochure

TST Water Jet Safety Gear Brochure (7065)

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TST Pro Operator

TST Pro Operator (7082)

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Freelance - Ultra safe tube cleaning

DERC - Waterjetting accessories (7116)

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Spiderjet M Edge

Spiderjet M Edge (7124)

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