Concrete Hydrodemolition Applications

Conjet hydro demolition robot in action on bridge

Conjet hydrodem robot at work on bridge.

Hydrodemolition UK

Selective concrete removal for columns.

Conjet hydro-demolition exposing rebar without damage

Exposing rebar without damage.

Hydrodemolition Equipment

Conjet Hydrodemolition Equipment logo Conjet hydrodemolition remote control

Through our range of ultra high pressure waterjetting units, and the Conjet remotely operated, computer-controlled, robot hydrodemolition machines, we supply the complete package. We have full, UK-based spares and service support for the entire service life of your equipment.

A key focus for Calder has been the move towards automation in high pressure applications, removing the operator from hazards such as high reaction forces and high water pressures. The Conjet hydrodemolition robots are perfectly suited to our drive towards automation.

Hydrodemolition allows the safe, selective removal of concrete using ultra high pressure water. There are myriad reasons for using hydrodemolition equipment including: removing the operator from the work area, no damage to rebar, no damage to underlying structure (no microcracks), ability to access confined work spaces, and increased productivity.

A full listing of brochures covering Calder's product range can be viewed here.

View this animated presentation to see how hydrodemolition can work for you.

Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 327 57Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 557

Conjet Robot 327

  • Small and compact
  • Fits in confined space
  • Good reach
  • Large range of tools makes it
    highly customizable
  • Applications:
  • Parking decks
  • Narrow tunnels
  • Pipes
  • Bridges

Conjet Robot 557

  • Great reach
  • Adjustable stability
  • Easy access for maintenance
    and repairs
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Applications:
  • Parking decks
  • Bridges
  • Tunnesl
  • High walls
  • Quays and docks

Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 437Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 367

Conjet Robot 437

  • Efficient on large horizontal
  • Powerful
  • Handles large reaction forces
  • Applications:
  • Horizontal demolition
  • Bridge decks
  • Parking decks
  • Quay slabs
  • Highways

Conjet Robot 367

  • Unsurpassed reach
  • Great stability
  • Quick setup at new worksites
  • Flexible Multi Purpose Arm
  • Applications:
  • Docks and quays
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges and dams
  • Horizontal and vertical

Conjet Hydrodemolition Jetframe 117 & CCU 217 Conjet Hydrodemolition Jetframe 101 Nalta

Conjet Jetframe 117 & CCU 217

  • Highly flexible
  • Can be mounted on a boom
    truck arm for easy placement
  • Compact
  • Controlled by CCU or any
    7-Series robot
  • Applications:
  • Areas out of reach for robots
  • Large bridges
  • Dams
  • Pillars
  • Under water

Conjet Jetframe 101 Nalta

  • Smallest hydrodemolition
    robot on the market
  • Climbs on standard
    scaffolding pipes
  • Powered by handlance pump
  • Applications:
  • Under water
  • Replaces handlances
  • Pillars and pipes
  • Narrow slots

Conjet Hydrodemolition Brochures

Conjet Hydrodemolition Equipment Overview

Hydrodemolition Equipment Overview (C1000)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition method

Hydrodemolition Method (C1001)

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Conjet Water Recycling System

Water Recycling System (C1002)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 327

Robot 327 (C327)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 327 Tools

Robot 327 Tools (C327-T)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 367

Robot 367 (C367)

View PDF

Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 367 tools

Robot 367 Tools (C367-T)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 437

Robot 437 (C437)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 437 tools

Robot 437 Tools (C437-T)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 557

Robot 557 (C557)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 557 tools

Robot 557 Tools (C557-T)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Jetframe 101 Nalta

Jetframe 101 Nalta (C101)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Jetframe 117

Jetframe 117 (C117)

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Conjet Hydrodemolition Jetframe 117 tools

Jetframe 117 Tools

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TST Heavy Demolition Protection

TST Heavy Demolition
Protection (7510)

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