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Oxy Scavenger Injection Pump
Work Starts on Oxy Scavenger Injection Pump for Offshore, ATEX Zone 2 Environment.

Our engineering team is working on the design of an oxygen scavenger injection unit for operation on an offshore platform in the Caspian Sea.

GOST/RTN-compliant cuttings re-injection units
GOST/RTN-compliant cuttings re-injection units.

Work begins on two Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) pump units for operation in the Russian Federation.

Nuclear decommissioning washdown pump skid
Washdown pump skids designed and manufactured in accordance with CSA and CRN requirements.

These washdown pump units have been completed for an offshore platform in Canadian waters.

Nuclear decommissioning washdown pump skid
Nuclear washdown skid

This wash down pump unit was designed and manufactured to support UK nuclear decommissioning activities.

Valhall Flank West platform
Pressure equalisation pump unit for Valhall Flank West

A pressure equalisation pump skid has been designed, built, and tested by Calder for Aker BP as part of a larger PG Flow Solutions scope of supply.

Offshore service vessel
Shell take collection of a lightweight, compact, hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package

Energy giant Shell required a pump package designed for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment on the deck of an offshore service vessel.

The Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 riser platform jacket being installed

Large order for Johan Sverdrup highlights the benefits of the PG/Calder relationship

PG/Calder Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 scope of supply includes pump units for scale inhibitor injection, chemical injection, emulsion breaker injection, and MEG injection. more........

High & Ultra High Pressure Solutions
Hammelmann high pressure pumps
Offshore waste injection CRI
Water injection & NGL injection
Offshore process units
High pressure water jetting equipment
Well service solutions

Engineered High Pressure Solutions

We are a leading manufacturer of high and ultra high pressure packaged engineered solutions. We design, manufacture, install and service cost-effective and environmentally responsible pumping solutions for safe and hazardous areas. Established in 1981, our experience in building robust pump packages for the toughest onshore and offshore applications is significant.

Our success is founded on uncompromising quality and the incorporation of the very latest technologies into packaged solutions to operate reliably in the most demanding environments.

Our pumping solutions are designed to individual client specifications in compliance with UK, EU, NORSOK, GOST/RTN, IEC ex, and US general standards and regulations.


Package Options:

  • Skid mounted
  • Crash frame/lifting frame
  • Containerised
  • Trailer mounted
  • Vehicle mounted

Prime Mover Options:

  • Fixed/variable speed motors
  • Fixed/variable speed hydraulic drives
  • Diesel engine/gas engines
  • Pneumatic/air motors

Control Options:

  • Simple stop/start panels
  • Single or multiple pump control systems
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated controls
  • Data logging/acquisition
PG Flow Solutions

PRESS RELEASE - Hvalstad / Worcester 1 October 2015

PG Flow Solutions and Calder join forces

PG Flow Solutions AS (PG), majority owned by Norvestor VI, L.P. (Norvestor) has acquired 100% of the shares in the UK high-pressure pumping specialist Calder ltd. (Calder). Calder is a leading high-end solution provider across industries for high-pressure pump solutions, with particular success within the oil & gas market where the company has proudly served leading oil services companies and operators since its inception in 1981. Read full Press Release here.

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